Women Fired after her Son is Diagnosed with Cancer

In New York, a women named Rachel Walsh was recently fired from her job at Barclays after taking some approved time off to take care of her sick son. After her unpaid leave of absence, she talked to her boss about returning on a flextime basis in order to take care of her son. She told him she was able to work either part-time or full time; whatever they needed. Her boss told her there was no longer any positions available, causing her to lose her health insurance.

While this could be true, Walsh found a listing for her same job on Barclays website soon after. She had filed for unemployment, but was turned down due to Barclays claiming that she turned down a full time position. Walsh has now hired an attorney and is suing the bank for $10 million on two causes.

These two causes include gender discrimination and breach of contract. Walsh stated that, “If I was a father with a child who was sick, they wouldn’t be worried that I’d be able to keep up with the workload.” Barclays also allegedly promised Walsh job security during her leave of absence.

Walsh’s son underwent chemotherapy and other treatments, and the cancer is finally gone. However due to the type of cancer, there is a chance that it may come back. 


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