3 Startup Women Founders in Technology to Watch For

Erika Trautman

Erika Trautman at the Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2012.
IMG: Fortune Live Media via Flickr.

While men are the majority of people with startups, there are more women in senior positions at successful startups than unsuccessful ones according to a study done by Dow Jones. This article also stated that Women own 28 percent of all businesses in the US, and make up 16 percent of all board members and corporate officers of the Fortune 500. 7 percent of venture-backed startups are started by women. While this is an improvement, it is unfortunate considering women make up a little over half of the population and are better educated than men.

Erika Trautman – Founder & CEO of Flixmaster

Erika Trautman co-founded Flixmaster in August of 2011. This is a company that provides users with tools to create their own interactive videos. In recent news, Trautman just signed a contract with Sony Create Software in an attempt to make interactive videos even more common.

Alisa Chumachenko – Founder & CEO of Game Insight International

In 2010, Alisa Chumachenko founded Game Insight International in Moscow. It’s most popular game mobile app is called Paradise Island, and at one point was making “$1 million a month” on Android phones, which is insanely impressive. Recently the company created a headquarters in San Francisco and has it’s own publishing website.

Cindy Gallop – Founder and CEO of Make Love, Not Porn

Cindy Gallop’s “Make Love, Not Porn,” talk on TED Talk was the most talked about parts of TED in 2009. This talk addressed many issues on how children are using porn to learn about sex and having unrealistic expectations and negative views on women. This startup was created to address this problem and teach internet users the difference between “porn sex” and “real sex”.


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