7 Small Things That Can Ruin Your Career

Things that ruin careers

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People can spend years working their way up into a position that they love, and sometimes it only takes one day to take it all away. Sometimes this is done by accident or by poor judgement, but either way it can end up ruining you. 

A great example of this was in 2011. HP’s vice president Scott McClellan posted unreleased details about the company’s cloud computing strategy onto his LinkedIn profile. In doing so,  competitors like Apple or Dell were able to see what HP was working on before the product had been released to the public. McClellan spent 25 years working at HP, and now he no longer does because of this one mistake.

7 things you should avoid doing and/or saying at your place of work:

1) “The boss is a jerk.” While they may completely agree with you, this could end up coming back to haunt you if you two are ever up for the same promotion or they decide they do not like you. Offices love to gossip, so something like this could end up getting back to your superiors.

2) “I probably shouldn’t tell you this…” If you think you shouldn’t be telling someone at work something, then don’t. Whatever you shared could get around the office and traced back to you.

3) Asking about someone else’s raise. While you may consider this person a good friend, talking about your raises and salaries can never lead to anything good. If she got more than you, you feel bad. If you got more than them, then they feel bad.

4) Politics. Do not ever discuss politics at work. While some people you work with may not care about your opinions, there is always that one person who will disagree with you and cause awkwardness around the office.

5) Religion. This is another sensitive topic. If you want to share with your co-workers what your religious views are, that is fine. Just don’t debate them or requently discuss them in your office.

6) Gossip. While this can be a hard thing to do, it is always a good thing to avoid. Try not to talk negatively about your co-workers at work unless you are ready to see what happens when they hear about it.

7) Don’t talk to anyone about classified information.

While these things above are not necessarily going to get you fired every time, they are all good things to avoid if you love and want to keep your job. They also keep everyone else happy too. You may enjoy gossiping about a co-worker or sharing political views with one person, but it all may come back to bite you in the end. 


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