Relationship Science, New Social Tool to Make LinkedIn Obsolete?

relationship science

IMG: via @RelSci Twitter

LinkedIn is a great tool used by professionals everywhere to connect with other professionals in their areas of interest, work, and more. However, a new social tool called Relationship Science may outshine it. While RelSci is still in the making, Neal Goldman have raised just under $60 million in funding from big names such as Ken Langone, Henry Kravis and the Hearst Corporation. This is a service that will help connect influential people in business, finance, and nonprofit organizations, but does not need any user-inputted information.

“We’re going a lot deeper than what someone would post on a profile on LinkedIn, and the coverage of people is quite different,” Neal Goldman, founder of Relationship Science, told Mashable. “We did a little study and found that over 50% of people in our database are not active users of a social network.”

What will Relationship Science do? Say you want to get in touch with Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable. RelSci will search through the web to find your best connections. This connection may be close, where you only have to go through one person, or it could be a lot farther. You may have to talk to your boss, who knows Andrew Ross Sorkin who writes at The New York Times, who has previously interviewed Henry Kravis, who knows Cashmore from some charity function. RelSci will let you know how strong or weak these connections are. Going through 3 people may not be ideal, but it is a lot easier than the alternative. This new tool will help build relationships between the world’s decision makers to help them make deals, connect, sell products, meet up, raise money, and more.

“I always thought there had to be an easier way to identify and connect with the people and organizations I needed to reach to achieve my goals,” founder Neal Goldman said. “So I decided to create RelSci to fill that need.”

RelSci currently has over 250 employees and will cost $3,000 per year for a person or business to have access to the tool. While this new technology has not been released yet, it is expected to revolutionize the way that people communicate.


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