Careers For A Non-People Person


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Every job is different. Some require talking and socializing with customers, coworkers and clients on a daily basis, but others might not require much schmoozing at all. Not everyone is a social butterfly, and many enjoy a workday uninterrupted by conversations—work related or not. If you’re one of those people, careful consideration of your career choice is a must.

Accountants do work with people sometimes, but that’s certainly not the focus of their job. Duties usually include things like computing taxes, keeping financial records, and preparing financial data and documents. Most of the workday is spent analyzing data in front of the computer rather than conversing with others.

Software developers and graphic designers also fall into the solitary worker category, as they often spend many hours working on the computer. Graphic artists, especially freelancers, can do their jobs well with minimal interaction with others. Software developers work in much the same way, though both might benefit from using coworkers as a backboard for bouncing ideas off of.

Computer programmers spend most of their working hours writing and looking over computer code. Common job placement makes computer programmers responsible for debugging programs, writing existing programs in new languages, or making updates to current software.

If working at the computer isn’t for you, consider a career as a commercial pilot. This position would allow you to fly solo—no additional crew necessary—as a firefighter, charter pilot, crop duster, or aerial photographer. And unlike many other jobs, you’ll literally be alone, your only company being the horizon in the distance.


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