8 Ways to Quickly Get Rid of Stress at Work

Work Stress

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Whether you work as a writer or a an engineer, you are going to be stressed at work at one point or another. Being stressed not only cuts back on work productivity, but is unhealthy and no fun for the individual involved. The Huffington Post talked to Paul J. Rosch, MD, the president of the American Institute of Stress, who said that, “Chronic job strain can put both your physical and emotional health at risk.” If you are needing to de-stress at work, here are some quick and easy tips to do during your lunch break:

1) Peel an Orange – Prevention magazine stated that the citrus aromas can help with stress and anxiety.

2) Eat Almonds – Almonds, along with salmon, spinach, and avocados have been proven to help lower blood pressure.

3) Take a Walk OutsideResearch shows that a short walk helps to lower stress and lets your brain recover from tension.

4) Read a Book – Research has shown that reading a book for as little as six minutes can lower stress.

5) Breathe – Find a quiet place in your office to just sit and breathe. Focus on your breathing for 10 minutes in order to bring stress down.

6) Take a Nap – If you are able to do so, 20 minute naps have been proven to be very effective to boost memory, creativity, energy, and more.

7) Listen to Mozart – Studies have found that music like Mozart is much more relaxing than modern music.

8) Delegate Work – If possible, delegate work to others if you don’t have time to do it the correct way. Just make sure you aren’t adding on stress to other people.


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