Surprising Startups that Made Millions


Img: José Moutinho via Flickr

While startups such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon seem relevant, creative, and useful now, they didn’t start out that way. A lot of very successful companies were passed on by investors, whom now regret it.

According to the Pipewise CEO Michael Wolfe on Quora, here are 5 of the 18 ridiculous startup ideas that eventually became very successful:

1) Facebook – Who needs Facebook when you have a Myspace? I remember thinking this same question, and I am sure many others did as well. Instead of flopping, Facebook used the idea of Myspace, and integrated a lot more features into it and now is worth millions.

2) Amazon – Who wants to pay for shipping and wait 1-2 weeks for their book to be shipped? Apparently a lot more people than one might have though.

3) Google – While it may seem crazy, there was a time when Google wasn’t around and no one saw the need for it.

4) Instagram – Who needs another social media site? Apparently everyone.

5) Paypal – Putting your banking information online and sending people money seemed like an odd idea, but now people and businesses use it all the time.



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