Target Plans to Lure You In Stores With Facebook Deals


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Online shopping dominates the market. While I personally hate paying shipping for something I can run down the street and grab, at times it can be significantly cheaper and provide more options. Target just came out with a new marketing plan to compete with the online retailers; cartwheel. This service combines social networking and discounts which helps to bring more shoppers into their physical store. These discounts do not apply online.

This new program has users use their Facebook accounts to redeem these deals. In order to redeem the discounts and promotions, the shopper has to either print out a barcode or present it on their smartphone. Users can see other deals that their friends have used, and can earn more offers by having their Facebook friends sign up.

This program officially launched today, May 8th. Once you have signed up, you can view your offers on Facebook. Target said that it worked in partnership with Facebook to create this app. The great thing about it is that you can share the deals you chose with their Facebook friends, but offers on more discreet items, such as bras or medicine, will not be visible to others.

“Linking offers through Facebook will let the retailer know exactly what Facebook can or cannot accomplish for it. While Twitter can be useful to promote timely, limited offers, Facebook is ‘the dominant platform’ for connecting with shoppers and, in turn, with their connections.” said Carol Spieckerman, president of newmarketbuilders, a retail strategy firm.



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