What “The Office” Taught us About Working in an Office

With tonight being the series finale of one of the biggest shows of all time, a lot of people are getting a little teary eyed. While some people chose to duck out after Steve Carrell left, many people stuck around to see what shenanigans Dwight and Jim would get into. If you watched The Office before actually working in one, you may have gotten some helpful hints, along with some very odd perspectives of what actually happens in an office environment.

Here are 4 things The Office taught us that might actually come in handy:

  1. Be very careful what you send via email. Remember when Michael sent this picture of him and Jan on vacation? Don’t do that.
  2. Don’t refer to anyone in your office by their race or religion or label them in anyway.
  3. Don’t get violent at work or hostile at work.
  4. Don’t wear anything inappropriate…even if it is casual Friday.

About DevonJ140
I am currently an Accounting Director living in New York City. I love reading and learning more about business, finance, tech, and current events.

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