Oklahoma Tornado Death Toll Down to 24

oaklahoma tornado

Img: Save the Children via Flickr

If anyone was watching or reading the news last night, then you were constantly hearing about more and more people dying from the tornado in Oklahoma. As of last night the death toll was at 51. Unlike usual, the death toll is actually lower than what was reported. While still tragic, the numbers area down to 24 fatalities and 200 injuries.

AP reported that:

“The state medical examiner’s office has revised the death toll from a tornado in an Oklahoma City suburb to 24 people, including seven children.

Spokeswoman Amy Elliot said Tuesday morning that she believes some victims were counted twice in the early chaos of the storm. Authorities said initially that as many as 51 people were dead, including 20 children.

Teams are continuing to search the rubble in Moore, 10 miles south of Oklahoma City, after the Monday afternoon tornado.

According to the Huffington Post, “Diana Tinnin, 60, was at home with her brother when the storm hit. Her three-bedroom ranch-style home had no basement, so they huddled in a bathtub. ‘I lost my house. Everything fell on top of us.'”

The storm started late Monday afternoon and spread over 2 miles of the Oklahoma City area with winds up to 200 MPH. Monday’s tornado in Moore ranks among the most severe in the United States.


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