Ken Mehlman Discusses Operational Expertise, Private Equity on Super Return TV

Ken Mehlman was recently interviewed by Cristina Alesci for Super Return TV in Boston. They discussed topics ranging from operational expertise, private equity, and what General David Petraeus’ role at KKR will be.

When asked, “The notion of private equity using more and more operational expertise to generate returns and improve businesses — what makes KKR different in this respect? How do you stand out from other firms as most claim the same thing?” He answered, “One of the main differences we have is that we have 60 people in our firm who are operational experts and these experts go into a company for a period of 18-24 months and focus on the specific business area that we think that company can operationally enhance.”

Operational expertise seems to be the “hot topic” in business, she points out. Ken Mehlman explains that the private equity industry is about solving problems for companies. Their goal is to make them better. Operational expertise focuses on taking this to the next level.

Alesci then asked about Petraeus’ role at KKR. Ken explained he will be heading the KKR Global Institute along with himself and Henry McVey. “[Petraeus] will build on helping us understand macroeconomic, geopolitical, governance, environmental, regulatory external factors that in today’s world are really important to the success or failure of an investment and are really important to helping our companies do even better.”

Watch below for the entire interview.


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