Chipotle Faked Their Twitter Hack

On July 21st, Chipotle’s Twitter account, @ChipotleTweets released a string of several strange tweets over an hour. Most people assumed they had been hacked. The company just came forward to Mashable and admitted that it faked the hack as a publicity stunt tied to their 20th anniversary campaign.

“We thought that people would pay attention, that it would cut through people’s attention and make them talk, and it did that,” Chris Arnold, a Chipotle representative, told Mashable in an interview. “It was definitely thought out: We didn’t want it to be harmful or hateful or controversial.”

Chipotle’s Twitter account gained 4,000 new followers the day of the hack. This is not the first brand to fake a hack. Burger King and Jeep had their accounts hacked in February. After seeing the press from it, MTV and BET staged their own hacks to get more press coverage.





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