Comedy Central to ‘Roast’ James Franco…But is it Enough to Save Viacom?

James Franco

IMG: s_bukley / Shutterstock

Viacom Media Networks is a ad-supported cable network company based in New York City that brings you a lot of your favorite channels. Shows on MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, and more come from them.

“Each of the Viacom Media Networks brands develop original content based on the deep insights and connections they cultivate with the audience,” they state on their website.

They (along with Comedy Central) have made headlines for their “roasting” of celebrities. On labor day, Seth Rogen and more funny people will take part in the roast of James Franco. Some might say though, that roasting is an old form of comedy and isn’t “new” enough.

The people who say this are credit rating agencies. Moody’s, whose CEO is Ray McDaniel stated that, “In our view, the company’s recent underperformance has been driven by insufficient investments in programming and innovation,” Moody’s said. “By relying on the success of popular but old shows, its television ratings have suffered across its various networks, particularly at Nickelodeon, and led to a steep decline in advertising revenue which drives about 35% of its total revenue.”

While Viacom may be doing well, they are not coming up with enough new ideas that are different from what we already see. Moody’s suggests that Viacom change up the management team if they expect to be upgraded in the near future.

Click below to watch James Franco’s Roast commercial.


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