What To Do With Your Old Technology

Recycle Electronics

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Most people have some kind of old technology lying around, whether it’s that flip phone from high school or a broken computer, they can all be put towards good use.

According to Mashable, “the average mobile customer already owns two unused cellphones, though only a small fraction of gadgets are actually recycled.”

Mashable created a great guide on recycling old gadgets, check out some of the tips below.

1. Use Technology Recycling Programs 

There are tons of big tech companies that have gadget recycling programs. Some include Best Buy, Apple, LG, and Nintendo.
2. Donate to a Non-Profit Organization
While you won’t get money back for it, non-profits work to refurbish and give electronics to those in need. Some programs include Call2Recycle, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and the EPA.
3. Sell/Trade in Gadgets
Gazelle, Gyde, and the Amazon Trade in Program will give you cash for your old devices. While you may only get 20 bucks, it can be better than nothing.
4. Turn Your Gadgets into Something Else
Mashable sugests that you repurpose your old gadgets into DIY projects, look here for some creative ideas.
If you have any other ideas on what to do with old electronics, comment below.

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