Tina Fey Joins the Cast of ‘Girls’ on SNL

We all remember Liz Lemon, the likeable and funny star of 30 Rock. That, however, was not the kind of character Tina Fey protrayed on her HBO Girls skit on Saturday Night Live. The SNL cast did a great job at portraying the characters, and most of them could almost pass as the girls on the show.

In the skit, Fey plays an old and grungy Albanian women named Blerta who moves in with Hannah. Hannah was excited to hear Blerta had OCD just like her – old cow disease.

Her life advice includes, “Don’t speak,” Blerta said after she slapped Shosh. “If you speak, they will know you are simple. If they know you are simple, they will drown you in river.” I don’t think we’ve ever seen Fey this scary before.

Lena Dunham and fellow comedian actress, Mindy Kaling showed their support for the sketch.

Check out the parody below:



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