Does BlackBerry Mobile Need to Revamp it’s Game?

Blackberry phone

Adriano Castelli /

There was one point when having a BlackBerry phone was like having an iPhone. The keyboard and sleek look was something everyone wanted. While that look was ideal for the time, with internet and screens getting bigger, no one wanted to buy a phone where the keyboard took up half the phone. They did finally come out with a touch screen, but probably not soon enough.

BlackBerry did admit that sales of its new BlackBerry 10 smartphones were worse than expected, but now actual numbers have been released. In an SEC filing, it was revealed that Blackberry sold only 5.9 million smartphones in the second quarter, about about 4.2 million of those phones were running the old operating system, BlackBerry 7. This means that the new phone ended up selling less than 2 million units. This comes as a blow to BlackBerry since this was the phone that was suppose to bring the company back in the game.

This is a big change from their sales just a year ago. About 9 million smartphones were sold in their second quarter. For comparison, Apple sold 9.5 million iPhone 5s and 5c devices just in their first weekend.

In more disappointing news, BlackBerry has a 965 million loss in their second quarter. “The intense competition impacting the company’s financial and operational results that previously affected demand in the United States market is now being experienced globally, including in international markets where the company has historically experienced rapid growth,” BlackBerry said, referring mainly to Android phones.

BlackBerry stock declined by 5% in morning trading following the filing.


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