Apple Reportedly Buys 3D Technology Company PrimeSense for $345 Million

Apple LogoAccording to Reuters, Apple has acquired PrimeSense, the company responsible for the Xbox Kinect 3D-sensor technology. The company was acquired for $345 million, according to Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist.

It was first reported in July that Apple was in talks with PrimeSense for an acquisition.

“We are focused on building a prosperous company while bringing 3D sensing and natural interaction to the mass market in a variety of markets such as interactive living room and mobile devices,” a spokeswoman for PrimeSense said. “We do not comment on what any of our partners, customers or potential customers are doing and we do not relate to rumors or recycled rumors.”

This would be the second Israeli company Apple acquired, with the flash storage chip maker Anobit bought in January 2012.

This is a great company for Apple to acquire. Who knows, maybe Apple is working on creating some kind of sensor technology or a touch-screen computer?


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