KKR Executive and Former RNC Chairman Kenneth Mehlman Takes the Helm of PEGCC

PEGCCKenneth Mehlman has a résumé to be envied: he is a former RNC Chairman, ran President G.W. Bush’s successful reelection campaign in 2004, had a successful career as a lawyer, and is a top executive at private equity firm KKR. Additionally, Kenneth Mehlman is a prominent Republican gay rights advocate, working with groups like AFER, Project Right Side, and Marriage for All to fight for equal rights for all.

Recently, Kenneth Mehlman set off on yet another venture that he can add to his résumé: he was elected as the chairman of the Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC) on Thursday, December 19th, 2013. The group is the “most prominent industry advocacy group” for private equity firms across the country, according to CNBC. It began in 2007 and since then has defended and promoted private equity groups both domestically and globally.

Mehlman takes on the responsibilities of improving the group’s outreach efforts, which aim to educate stakeholders on the value of private equity. These responsibilities will be taken on in addition to his ongoing work as Global Head of Public Affairs for KKR, the director of the American Foundation of Equal Rights (AFER), and the founder of Project Right Side.

“I have enormous respect for the PEGCC’s important work engaging with public policy makers to encourage more economic growth and retirement security for millions of Americans,” he said. “I also share the PEGCC’s goal of building a community of investors who seek superior returns while also emphasizing active, responsible governance, long term investment and measuring success in years, not quarters.”

As the group’s new chairman, Mehlman succeeds Mark Tresnowski and will work alongside CEO Steve Judge, who leads the PEGCC on a daily basis. His focus, according to CNBC, will be to “continue several long-running fights, including higher taxes for PE firms from a potential change in the treatment of carried interest and increased registration and disclosure rules from the Dodd-Frank Act.”


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