Innovega Brings You Contacts With Superhuman Vision Capabilities

Innovega Contacts

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Good news for contact wearing people – soon your contacts may be able to give you “superhuman vision.” As many people with contacts know, contacts constantly are drying out and moving, so you don’t always have 20/20 vision. There are times I can’t read something that a friend with no contacts in can read.

Of course, you don’t have to have impaired vision to wear these. An eye-wear startup called Innovega just announced a prototype of its high-tech iOptik lenses. The product will be shown at this year’s International CES.

The Innovega eye-wear system has two parts to it. The contact lenses give you enhanced focusing abilities which allow users to see things more clearly that are farther and closer than they could normally see. For example, you can actually see the fine details of your fingerprint, while your natural eye can’t focus on an object that close.

The second part is the glasses, which enhance the vision of your contact lenses. They include flat-panels or micro-projectors that can display apps and media, like Google Glasses.

Why not blend the contacts and glasses technology into one thing to wear?

“A lot of companies are trying to do that right now with hardware, and there are limitations: It creates a tiny field of view,” an iOptik spokesperson told Mashable. “Google Glass is the equivalent of having your smartphone about 24 inches in front of you. The iOptik system is six times the resolution and 20 times the area. It’s like looking at a big TV projection, and you can see so much more.”

The great thing about iOptik glasses is that they still look like you are wearing regular glasses. It doesn’t look like you are wearing goggles or something weird on your face.

“We’re hoping technology like this will eventually replace your smartphone,” the spokesperson said.

What do you think of these new products?


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    So much is happening, our technology evolving faster than we can process, developments like this come along and barely get discussed – but this is pretty amazing, no?

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