Google Names Susan Wojcicki as CEO of YouTube

Google executive Susan Wojcicki (left) and her sister Anne Wojcicki, founder and CEO of 23andMe.

Google executive Susan Wojcicki (left) and her sister Anne Wojcicki, founder and CEO of 23andMe.
IMG: Fortune Live Media via Flickr

Google has confirmed Ads & Commerce SVP Susan Wojcicki as the new CEO of YouTube.  Wojcicki has years of experience running Google’s advertising products including AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, and DoubleClick.

She joined Google in 1999 as the 16th employee and became the search engine’s first marketing executive. In 2006, she was a driving force behind Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube when it was considered a risk, but the unit is now valued at $20 billion or more today. Prior to joining Google, she worked at Intel, Bain & Co. and R.B. Webber & Co.

Wojcicki confirmed the announcement on her Twitter account:

“Excited to join #YouTube – wonderful team, amazing community & inspiring creators. I look forward to watching a lot more videos during work.”

The move may indicate YouTube’s desire to revamp its advertising and e-commerce strategies.

Google CEO Larry Page released a statement that doesn’t suggest any immediate changes in strategy at YouTube:

“Salar and the whole YouTube team have built something amazing.  YouTube is a billion person global community curating videos for every possibility.  Anyone uploading their creative content can reach the whole world and even make money.  Like Salar, Susan has a healthy disregard for the impossible and is excited about improving YouTube in ways that people will love.”

Wojcicki will take over for departing YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar, who was Google’s ninth employee. It’s not clear what Kamangar’s next role at Google will be as there is speculation he may move to Google’s investment arm, Google Ventures.


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