Touchscreen Subway Maps to be Installed in NYC

Sometimes figuring out where you are going in a New York subway station can be a bit complicated. Although some subway stations have Wi-Fi access, you can’t always count on it wherever you go. While most people stick to their usual route (I know how to get to work, home, and a couple of friends’ apartments), if you are going somewhere different, it is easy to get lost

Eighteen 47-inch touchscreen kiosk maps have been installed at New York City’s Grand Central Station. They will display departures, arrivals, delays and outages, as well points of interest.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) gave the technology and design firm Control Group the okay to install these maps. The goal is to help riders better learn the subway system. Control Group first studied subway riders and their use of maps for a month. Their observations found three categories of people: seasoned riders, regulars who are going somewhere other than their normal route, and visitors.

The “MTA On-the-Go Kiosks” will also display safety and security reminds, as well as advertisements to generate revenue. The MTA and Control Group plan on installing these kiosks in other subway stations across New York City over the next several months.

Who do you think this will be the most helpful for, visitors or NYC residents?


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