LA Pizza Company Seizes Oscar Spotlight

Ellen Brings Pizza to the Oscars

IMG: via Instagram

Free advertising doesn’t get much better than having Ellen DeGeneres calling your pizza chain to deliver to the world’s biggest celebrities. Burbank-based pizza chain Big Mama’s & Papa’s had a huge surge of fame Sunday night mid-telecast during the Academy Awards when DeGeneres offered to buy pizzas for the assembled A-listers.

The host pulled a grinning deliveryman with a stack of three boxes onto the Dolby Theatre stage. The world’s biggest names, such as Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence chowed down on a bite at their seats, grease stains and all.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper enjoy their Oscar Pizza

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper enjoy their Oscar Pizza. IMG: via Instagram

Kantar Media pegged the price of commercial slots during the ceremony at $1.8 million for 30 seconds; media exposure the pizza chain likely would never buy. Edgar Martirosyan, the deliveryman is “not an actor”, and can be seen across the chain’s website in a red hat and apron serving up a slice to Harrison Ford.

Big Mama’s & Papa’s Instagram page now shows shots of celebrities digging into their pizza, including Kerry Washington with an entire box. The company’s Twitter account also noted that DeGeneres’ talk show put in another order out of Big Mama’s & Papa’s Burbank location. The chain, owned by Armenian-born Aro Agakhanyan, is now angling to become the official pizza of the Oscar.


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3 Responses to LA Pizza Company Seizes Oscar Spotlight

  1. Reblogged this on Be Like Water and commented:
    I just like to see super-uber famous people, who are multi-millionaires trying to be normal in the biggest event in the year in Hollywood. God I wish I wasn’t on this fucking diet! I’d be all over Meryl Streep, she looks like a Meat Lover’s kinda girl…

  2. haridasgowra says:

    wow@ i want that……..

  3. I bet it’s vegetarian. Ellen’s a vegan, right?

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