Alliance of Angels

Alliance of Angels

Alliance of Angels

The biggest entrepreneurial companies in the world wouldn’t have garnered the success they have without a strong business strategy, a leading team of innovators, and the know-how to get ahead. Even the most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs need a guardian angel to help them get to the top, that is, an “angel investor.” “Angel” investors are people who have the means and experience to provide start-ups with the advice and funds to bring their vision to life. One of the largest networks of these kinds of investors can be found in the Pacific Northwest, at the Alliance of Angels.

“The Alliance of Angels is one of the largest and most active angel groups in the Pacific Northwest,” explains the organization’s website. “We have invested more than $80M into 200 companies since our inception in 1997 and celebrated more than 30 exits,” of the success the organization has achieved. Each year, the Alliance of Angels invests around $10 million into various companies focused on clean technology, information technology, and life sciences. The companies that it has invested in have become some of the biggest names in their industries, a testament to the eye for innovation that Alliance of Angels possesses.

The investors that make up the Alliance of Angels are seasoned entrepreneurs, senior business executives, and hedge fund managers who have backgrounds in successful companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and more. The Alliance of Angels prides itself on being active in the realm of entrepreneurial investing, and with successful businesspeople like Dennis Adler, Robin Elenga, and Joe Heinrich at the helm, it’s no surprise that the organization is one of the most influential angel investment networks in the country.

One of the things that make Alliance of Angels such a prolific investment network is its investors’ ability to recognize entrepreneurial potential. The organization’s portfolio is brimming with tremendous success stories; the start-ups and entrepreneurial endeavors that the angel investors have supported have become some of the biggest names in global business. Julep, Full Circle Farms’ organic produce subscription program, Pharmitas, CultureMob, and nearly 200 other companies have found immense success because of Alliance of Angels.

One of the organization’s biggest success stories pertains to the electronic signature company, DocuSign. Explains Keith Krach, CEO of DocuSign, “DocuSign has basically become a verb. It is like, ‘Send me the stuff I need to sign, and I’ll DocuSign it,’” of the way that the company has become one of the most trusted global standards in electronic signatures. With more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies utilizing its services, DocuSign absolutely dominates the industry, but could not have done so without the help of angel investors like those at Alliance of Angels.


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  1. Great article, I’m preparing to start the investment process with AOA and was looking for recent articles just like yours.

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