Report Finds That 44% of Twitter Users Don’t Tweet


Twitter may have a lot of registered users, but that doesn’t mean a lot of those users actually like to tweet.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a site that monitors website activity found that 44% of Twitter’s 974 million registered users have never tweeted. About 40% of Twitter accounts have sent 10 tweets or less. Twopcharts is not able to see how many users have logged in however, it is just based on their activity.

While these are valuable numbers, they don’t mean a whole lot. A lot of Twitter users create accounts to just read tweets, but don’t actually like to tweet themselves.

The report was released on Friday, and comes after Twitter reported in February that it had 244 million active monthly users in the last three months of 2013. This means that about 730 million people have created accounts on the site, but are not active on a monthly basis.

Twopcharts has previously reported that of the 284.4 million new accounts in 2013, only 12.9% were still tweeting in February 2014.

Twitter has learned that their interface can be confusing to navigate for some, so they have been slowly rolling out a new layout which looks a lot more like Facebook and includes pop-up notifications.

On Monday, Twitter opened at just over $40 a share, but the stock grew when the co-founders said they had no plans to sell shares when the post-IPO lock-up expires on May 5.

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