The New Pocket-Sized Printer Makes Printing On the Go Possible

The ZUtA Pocket Printer

The ZUtA Pocket Printer. IMG: via Zuta Labs.

Who said that the written word is dead? An Israeli team has developed a simple, small printing device that can be used anywhere you go. I can’t personally think of a time where printing wasn’t an issue. In college, my printer always seemed to act up when I needed to print a paper before class or when I was on my way to a job interview.

The ZUtA Pocket Printer is hoping to solve all of these problems. Having a device that can be used anywhere you go would make those complications a lot less stressful.

“The world is mobile and to some extent we got used to having everything available around us,” ZUtA Labs co-founder Tuvia Elbaum told Mashable. “I was banging my head, it makes no sense. We’re in 2014, how come there’s no portable printer?”

To actually print using the ZUtA Pocket Printer, you access the device from a computer, tablet, or smart phone using an app. A normal in cartridge will give you about 1,000 prints. The printer will also be able to last for up to an hour on a full battery and can be recharged using a USB cable.

The device lines up with the corner of the paper to make sure the printing isn’t off. It then rolls across the blank sheet on small, multi-directional wheels while ejecting ink. The average page of text will be able to print in approximately 40-45 seconds.

This project was created by co-founders Elbaum and co-founder Matan Caspi. The project came out of the Friedberg Entrepreneurship Program, which provided the initial funding.

“You didn’t have an app for that,” Elbaum said. “I wish my phone could print, but it can’t. It’s a worldwide issue.”

ZUtA’s Kickstarter campaign has been very successful – which is no shock. It has raised over $450,000 out of its $400,000 goal, and still has 11 days left. The device will go for about $240, and is expected to be shipped to Kickstarter backups in January.


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One Response to The New Pocket-Sized Printer Makes Printing On the Go Possible

  1. ltsblogstaff says:

    I would really like to own this handy printer. I have read few articles featuring this product and I am always amazed with its capabilities. I especially like seeing videos of this product while it is doing its printing job.

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