ROK Mobile Going with Devicescape

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IMG: via ROK Mobile

At the very end of May, Devicescape announced that ROK, the world’s first cellular provider offering their Ultimate Unlimted Plan, signed a deal to showcase the Devicescape Service Platform across their network.

ROK Mobile provides nationwide 4G LTE across the United States, and features more than 20 million on-demand audio tracks. The data usage in the United States has increased dramatically with the introduction of smartphones, and with more customers purchasing the devices; there is an increase in data consumption.

Devicescape manages a large network of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide and the network is expected to fill in the gaps of ROK Mobile’s current coverage. The Devicescape network also actively monitors user connections and makes use of a mobile or Wi-fi network depending on which will provide the better user experience.

“Our philosophy with launching ROK Mobile was to give the people what they want — the best quality mobile service and music experience possible,” said Jonathan Kendrick, ROK Mobile Chairman and CEO. “Not only are we offering an enhanced experience, we’re providing our subscribers with instant access and the best connection to the world’s largest comprehensive virtual Wi-Fi network over which they can enjoy these services.”

The Board of Directors for Dreamscape include such businessman like the executive chairman Rich Wyckoff, Arun Sarin, former Chief-Executive of Vodafone, and John Johnston, co-founder of August Capital. Their goals are aligned with finding the best services for their client base, with ROK Mobile, they believe they have achieved that.

Said CEO of Devicescape David Fraser, “This announcement is a win for today’s music-living mobile consumers. By allowing their users to consume as much music as they like—and enabling that over the best wireless connection possible—ROK Mobile is debuting a radical new business model.”


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