“Yoga Tax” Approved in Washington D.C.

Yoga Tax

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The District of Columbia Council approved a “yoga tax” on Tuesday, which has angered many fitness enthusiasts in Washington D.C.

The new gym taxed, dubbed the “yoga tax” would include a sales tax on gyms, yoga studios and any kind of athletic business. This tax was approved 12-1 to approve a $10.6 billion dollar budget that will also expand the existing sales tax on services like tanning salons and bowling alleys.

According to the Washington Post, “The roughly $5 million it would generate yearly would be used to partially offset a package of tax cuts that could leave as much as $143 million a year in taxpayers’ pockets.”

Fitness buffs are not taking the news lightly. While I understand that they are trying to get a budget for something, taxing people who are trying to be healthy is not the answer. The more healthy people we have, the less we are going to be paying in healthcare costs.

Dozens of protesters did yoga warrior poses outside city hall this month, chanting “Tax Slurpees, not burpees!”

Mayor Vincent Gray, who opposes the tax, must sign the budget for it to take effect on Oct. 1.

“It’s a penny-wise and pound-foolish proposition,” said Phil Mendelson on the council dais, to cheers from the audience. “We are looking at increased and deferred health costs in the long run.”

What are your thoughts on this “yoga tax?”


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