The Worst States to Be Unemployed In


Mississippi is the worst state to live in if you are unemployed. IMG: via Shutterstock.

Being unemployed is the worst – unless of course you have a job lined up or you are unemployed on purpose. While the national unemployment rate has improved over the past couple of years, 6.3% is still pretty sad. In May of this year, it was the lowest it has been since September of 2008. However, this means that there are still 12 million Americans out of work – which is a lot. And this number isn’t including people who are underemployed or not working 40 hours a week.

24/7 Wall St. used data from The Department of Labor to identify the best and worst states to be unemployed in.

5. Illinois

With an unemployment rate of 7.9%, Illinois has one of the highest in the nation. Job growth is slow (.5%), and nearly three-quarters of the states’ unemployed did not receive benefits.

4. Kentucky

Kentucky’s unemployment rate is 7.7%, and has a very slow job growth rate, at .3%.

3. Michigan

The unemployment rate here is 7.4%, and the job growth rate is .6%. Michigan also has the highest underemployment rate in the U.S., at 15.2%.

2. Alabama

The unemployment rate in Alabama is 7.5% and the job growth rate is .7%. Alabama is the least generous with unemployment insurance, providing residents with only 26.2% of average weekly income.

1. Mississippi

Mississippi is the worst state to be unemployed in. The unemployment rate at 7.6% and the job growth rate is at .9%. What makes this state the worst is the little amount of unemployment insurance offered – an average of just $194 per week.

The best states to be unemployed in include Vermont, Hawaii, Utah, Iowa, and North Dakota.


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