Facebook Purchases LiveRail


IMG: via LiveRail

Facebook has added to its recent list of big buys with its purchase of video ad platform LiveRail. Following the purchases of messaging platform WhatsApp and virtual reality technology company Oculus Rift, it appears as though Facebook is investing in companies that are on the rise. This strategy is one that will allow the social media giant to capitalize on whatever new path it is that these newer companies are inventing and innovating.

LiveRail delivers video advertisements to several websites and mobile platforms and will prove invaluable in Facebook’s push to dominate digital platforms amongst brands. With video ads first appearing on Facebook a year ago, the company is looking to improve on this development by delivering higher quality and more targeted ads. While LiveRail will operate the same, it will soon be merged more closely with Facebook, allowing both to use their databases to better communicate to users, target ads, and appeal to brands deciding where their stories should be told.

With online, digital advertising becoming a key topic for brands, it’s no surprise Facebook is taking a step to stand out amongst the clutter of social media platforms. The acquisition will provide Facebook with additional leverage, as LiveRail is also the creator of CheckPoint and Video Private Exchange (VPE). CheckPoint allows publishers to block certain types of ads while VPE works as a trading desk for clients to strategically place ads.

It is expected that this acquisition combined with its other investments over the past few months will allow the company to branch out beyond its current platform with all acquisitions containing brands that have an impact on social media and non-social platforms directly.


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