New Machine Gives Stray Dogs Food When People Recycle

One new company is solving two problems – people’s lack of recycling, and homeless dogs.

The Turkish company Pugedon, recently placed a vending machine in Istanbul that releases food and water for stray dogs when someone recycles a plastic bottle. The recycled bottles cover the cost of the food, and the box operates at no charge to the city.

A lot of stray animals in this city rely on the residents to feed them. Turkey is known for its large number of stray animals in urban areas. Instanbul has more than 150,000 stray dogs and cats, according to Deutsche Welle. Not only will this machine help the strays, but it will encourage people to recycle as well.

These high numbers have led the Turkish government to draft a law which would require thousands of stray dogs to be transported to a “wildlife park.” Dogs in Turkey have also been the rargets of poisoning campaigns, trying to get the number down.

The Pugedon vending machines aim to give these stray animals a brighter future, while also encouraging its users to get in a healthy recycling habit.

What are your thoughts on this? I think it would be a great machine to add to large cities! Maybe we’ll get one in NYC?


About DevonJ140
I am currently an Accounting Director living in New York City. I love reading and learning more about business, finance, tech, and current events.

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