HTC Unveils RE Camera: A Peculiar Camera For Average Consumers

HTC has just unveiled the peculiar looking HTC RE camera: a device that many have said resembles a periscope or an inhaler. The selling point for the RE is allowing users to “live in the moment” instead of viewing life through the lens of a viewfinder, which you will not find on an RE. This quirky device will be priced at $200 and is set to hit stores in the US by the holiday season.

The main selling point of the RE is its convenience to use. One of the first things you might notice about the RE, aside from the odd shape, is that it does not have a viewfinder, a feature that is commonplace in most other cameras. The device also doesn’t have a power button. It is “always on” in the sense that it activates when you are holding it, which should allow users to quickly take the RE out and snap pictures or record video while preventing it from taking pictures while in your pocket or in a bag. The device is also compatible with Android and iOS devices, so it can be used with smartphones and in a way is not in direct competition with them.

The RE is being marketed at parents who want to capture memories of their children, youthful people with an active social life, and frequent travelers who don’t want to carry a bulky camera with them.

The device will eventually have a live broadcasting feature, allowing the device to record and upload live events. With this functionality, and the overall convenience of the device, the RE could catch on with journalists and activists seeking to quickly capture footage and get it online as soon as possible. The live broadcasting feature could become popular among aspiring or already popular YouTubers who want to easily stream a live event while away from their computer.

While HTC claims to not be in competition with the popular GoPro, the RE will have to find a place in the camera market despite doing many of the same things as the GoPro. The price of the RE is currently set at $200, which has drawn concern among critics. $200 is too expensive to be an “impulse buy” and many fear that at this price most consumers will not choose the RE over simply using the phone function on their smartphones.

The release date of the RE is not announced in the US, though HTC hopes to have it on the market in time for the holiday season. In the UK, it appears that some retailers will see the product by early November. HTC plans to release the device on Amazon, and partner with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile; the company also wants to partner with Best Buy where they have already begun advertising the device.


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