Facebook and Apple Now Offer Egg Freezing to Female Employees

Two technology giants, Apple and Facebook, are now offering women a phenomenal new perk: they are now offering to freeze the eggs of their female employees. This is a great benefit because it allows women to have “high-powered” careers without having to sacrifice the choice of having a family.

Facebook began covering egg freezing very recently, while Apple will begin to offer the benefit in January. This benefit allows women to effectively put their fertility “on ice” until they are ready to become parents. To have a successful career it is often difficult for women to compete because they want to have a family before they grow older. Now, the female employees of these companies shouldn’t have to choose.

While an incredible benefit it is very expensive: each round can cost up to $10,000 and it can cost upwards of $500 to keep the eggs frozen every year.

This is a great benefit for women, which will likely be beneficial for Apple and Facebook as well. These companies hope that offering these great new benefits will attract women to apply for jobs with them. Consider that women make up roughly 51 percent and you can see that having a leg-up on the competition for over half of the population is a huge benefit for recruiting the best talent.

It is important to note that while these techniques do have high success rates, there is no guarantee that this will guarantee women with children in the future. Therefore, doctors recommend that women freeze at least 20 eggs to cover their bases, which requires two rounds.

This comes in the midst of what some are calling a “benefits arms race” in Silicon Valley. Some companies offer their employees as much as $10,000 a year in benefits. 17 percent of surveyed high-tech companies say that they cover gender reassignment surgery.


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