Up Your 9-to-5 Attire

Living in a 9-to-5 world, or for most of us a 9-to-9, it can be challenging to juggle everything. There are thousands of emails to be answered, commutes to be traveled and meetings to attend. Sometimes you even must endure this without a cup of coffee.

business_attireYour wardrobe can influence how you carry yourself throughout all of this during the day. When you wear outfits that you feel great in versus the ones you are so-so about, you know and those around you likely do too. Getting an extra confidence boost before you walk out of your bedroom is the optimal way to start the day, especially since they are usually longer than you think.

Here a few buys and ideas to help you climb that corporate ladder in style:

  • Try a long-sleeve dress with a nice silhouette. They are easy to throw on and if it has a pattern, it can be an attention grabber.
  • Invest in some brightly colored heels. These are fun to wear and a high-fashion twist on a classic. Just don’t go tacky-bright.
  • Wide leg trousers look great on women and add some curves. Get them in a nice fall hue like mahogany or olive.
  • Step up your jacket game with a floor-length coat. Houndstooth patterns are a good twist on traditional black and are more fashion forward.
  • A colored t-shirt dress paired with a nice pair of loafers or pumps can be a fun but classic outfit for the office. Layer a casual cotton blazer over top for an even more defined look.
  • Adding a colored suit to your repertoire can make a unique statement and will help you to stand out from your peers.
  • Pick up a nice tote for yourself rather than coming into work with the same old laptop bag you’ve had since high school.

Investing in a few of these garments will help you dress for success at work.


About DevonJ140
I am currently an Accounting Director living in New York City. I love reading and learning more about business, finance, tech, and current events.

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