Stop Procrastinating Once and For All


With the coldest months of the year quickly approaching, you might already have started to feel less productive than usual. When all your body wants to do is snuggle up with a book and some hot tea, it can be difficult to get motivated to actually do anything on that endless list of to-dos. Putting things off isn’t just unproductive for you and anxiety-inducing later down the road, it’s also a bad look to always be behind. Here are a few ways to stop procrastinating.

  • Find out where your procrastination comes from. Procrastination starts with psychology. It’s important to ask yourself why you are putting things off. Maybe you get an adrenaline rush from it, or maybe you seem to be easily distracted. Figure out what keeps bringing you back to the place of putting things off.
  • Prep yourself. Be ready for your scheduled time frame. Don’t let prepping eat into the time you are supposed to be tackling the task at hand. If you want to be prepped to finish an assignment in the morning, put the document up the night before and make sure you have everything in front of you to complete it.
  • Create a timer for yourself. Once you get going, and have a specific amount of time to do something, you will work faster. You are literally blocking off that time for whatever is being put off. If you can’t finish it in that time frame, set off another amount of time for it. Have the clock running on a literal timer if you need it.
  • Create habits for yourself. Start by working on a bit of your project at a certain time and create a daily habit of it. The most effective way to get you started on a procrastinated task is to ritualize it in some way and ease yourself into it. Plan 15 minutes on a project one day and then gradually increase the time.

About DevonJ140
I am currently an Accounting Director living in New York City. I love reading and learning more about business, finance, tech, and current events.

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