How to Leave Work at the Office

Work Stress

Sometimes, it’s hard to leave for the day and head home without a work worry on your mind. We all think about tomorrow’s calendar and all the things we have to do; we check our work email well after the workday is done. It’s not healthy to feel constantly overloaded, which is due in part to always bringing work home with you. We all need a life outside of work. Below are a few ways to overcome the common habit of not being able to leave work at the office.

“Should I have said that?” It’s a question that eats away at many of us. You made it home to your couch but you’re still second-guessing decisions from the day and can’t get your mind off it. Try washing your hands when you walk in the door. It’s a simple but powerful way to achieve a “clean slate,” and it helps us mentally wipe away doubts.

“How will I get it all done??” This kind of panic-inducing anxiety is something we’ve all felt in the middle of the night. You wake up and feel instantly attacked by all the stress from your seemingly endless tasks. Try to focus on your to-do list; analyze what you have to do in relation to how you will actually do those things. At the end of the day, review the list and write down the steps you’ll take to finish everything by the end of the week.

You check your email 24/7 and never allow your mind to rest. Checking your email incessantly puts your heart rate on constant high alert. Try, if you can, to log out of your office email when you leave work. If that seems impossible try to only check it once every hour and don’t make it the first thing you check when you wake up in the morning. Remember, the first step to leaving work at the office is to actually, physically leave it there when possible.


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