A Guide to Appropriately Socializing with Coworkers

Socializing with coworkers

Not all of us work in a Mad Men environment where drinking at work is no big deal. You know, the kind of work environment where you drink due to celebration, failure, boredom or anything in between. Nowadays, in-office imbibing isn’t completely taboo, but drinking with your coworkers, boss, or direct supervisor is still murky territory. Overall, it seems pretty obvious how to handle this situation – don’t drink too much or embarrass yourself. Still, there is more to mastering the art of after-work cocktails with coworkers.

Encourage yourself to socialize. After a long day at work, sometimes the last thing you want to do is go to a work function and talk to coworkers about more work-related things. However, these events are where real lasting bonds are formed. While you are at home eating takeout and watching reality television, your colleagues will be bonding over beers. Once you pass on several of these outings, you fall way behind in forming personal relationships. So suck it up and go get a drink – even if you aren’t in the mood to go out you’ll feel better knowing you took part in a social gathering with colleagues.

Don’t just order your favorite drink. When you order your go-to spicy margarita, chances are you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll suck it down, which could lead to debaucherous decision making later on. Instead, choose a mixed drink that you aren’t completely in love with so you don’t overindulge, and sip rather than gulp. This way, you’ll be able to pace yourself and avoid risking your pristine reputation by having too much fun while out with coworkers.

Resist the urge to gossip. When you drink together, it can form a false sense of camaraderie. After some social lubrication, you may feel like it’s time to really tell everyone what you think about your boss. Or you may lead into the conversation of how incompetent so-and-so is. At the time, it feels intimate and exciting, but the next morning when everyone knows all your loves and hates, you may regret it.


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