DraftKings and MLB Extend Exclusive Partnership


Fantasy sports have become a huge aspect of the sporting fandom in general. While the hobby has existed since the 60s, the spread of the Internet has spread the idea of fantasy sports, as well as making it much easier to manage for the average sports fan.

Today held good news for fans of fantasy baseball: fantasy sports giant DraftKings has extended their partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) in a multi-year deal, lengthening DraftKings’ partnership as MLB’s “Official Daily Fantasy Game.”

According to a joint release from DraftKings and MLB, the deal marks the “most comprehensive league partnership in daily fantasy sports history.”

MLB became the first professional sports league to enter the daily fantasy business in 2013 when it purchased a small stake in DraftKings. However, that doesn’t mean that DraftKings limits the fantasy to just baseball; DraftKings also hosts competitions related to American football, soccer, basketball, hockey, golf, mixed martial arts, and others.

About DraftKings

DraftKings holds daily fantasy sports contest. These contests are both paid and free and range a wide number of professional sports, including American football (NFL), basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL), golf (PGA), soccer (EPL and UCL leagues), mix martial arts (MMA), as well as college football and basketball.

Here’s how DraftKings works: after signing up for a free account at DraftKings.com, a user can enter contests as often as every day. A user need simply select a competition, quickly draft a team—that’s all there is to it.

DraftKings, and others like FanDuel, are unique because they offer both paid and free contests—it is common to find either free contests or paid contests, not a mixture of both. Also they don’t generally deal with real cash. These business ventures are also unique in the sense that they offer daily contests. Generally, a fantasy sports team will be drafted for the entirety of a sporting season, with some leagues keeping these players over multiple seasons.

What do you think about fantasy sports? Do you have a fantasy sports team?


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