Social Media Mistakes that May Cost You Your Job

Social Media

The Internet has become an integral part of office culture and the job search, and recruiters have admitted to reconsidering candidates based on their social media profiles. Many of us put out things on social media without realizing the ramifications. The Internet is the living breathing thing that goes on indefinitely, and assessing your social media presence is one of the top things recruiters do.

Here are some common social media mistakes that may cost you your job:

Badmouthing employers or coworkers online. Those Sunday night twitter rants that you talk about hating your job may seem harmless but gossiping about colleagues or your company is a major turnoff for potential employers. Putting your workplace down in a public arena reflects badly on you because it make recruiters doubt that you support the organization. People often use social media as a forum to vent their frustrations but the only thing you should do with your company is cheer others on.

Don’t get too personal. Sharing too much personal information online can come back to bite you. You don’t need to mention your religion or even your political preferences online. Pregnancy can be another issue, as those who are pregnant at work can sometimes face rude treatment. If you want to post these things, make sure your privacy settings are airtight.

Don’t post contradictory things. Let’s say you take a sick day but then post a picture out at the beach. That’s exactly how posting on social media can know you down. Part of being prepared for an interview these days is to ensure that every piece of information you put out there is something you want to see.

Spelling and grammar mistakes. Those signs of ignorance on your social media may not have an affect on your friends, but it does on hiring managers. You may not think of these mistakes when writing casually but it can have bigger affects than you think. Use spellcheck as much as possible to ensure you are always on your A-game.


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  1. TDarris says:

    Thanks for sharing! These are great tips!

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