Teen Entrepreneurs Win Business Contest with Mouth Guard Freshener

Mouth guard

Two teens have come up with an innovative business idea that will clean up the mouths of athletes everywhere.

The teens: Taylor Quinton, 16, of Pittsford, and Max Breit, 15, of Rochester. They are the founders of a company called Fresh-Fixx.

They took part in a competition was called the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Saunders Scholars Northeast Regional College Scholarship competition.

Taylor and Max believe that Fresh-Fixx will be used to cleanse athletes’ mouth guards and provide a flavor-packed energy boost from a vitamin blend. This type of technology could be very attractive to many athletes. On top of the benefit of having a pleasant flavor on their tongues while hitting the field, athletes would benefit from a vitamin boost during their games—this could decrease the amount of nutrients that athletes lose during games.

Taylor and Max were among 21 students in grades 6–12 and representing 12 businesses from the Young Entrepreneurs Academy class at the University of Rochester. Each team was given six minutes to pitch their plans to a panel of judges, whom would also decide how much funding to invest in each idea.

Does that sound familiar? If it does, it’s probably because of the popularity of ABC’s Shark Tank. Have you heard of Shark Tank? It is a show currently airing on ABC that brings entrepreneurs in front of 5 investment “sharks” and make pitches for investment in their companies. The entrepreneurs have the opportunity to strike a real deal with these famous investors and ideally propel their business to further success.

The teens asked the judges for $358.49, but instead the judges awarded them with $600 of funding. For context, other teams received funding from $200 to $875 and sometimes included prizes.

We hope Taylor and Max the best of luck in the next round of their competition!

What do you think of the Fresh-Fixx mouth guard idea? Would you use one of these mouth guards?


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