Alignment Healthcare Partners with Vivify Health for Deployment of Digital In-Home Health Monitoring

Healthcare Digital Technology

On April 9th, Alignment Healthcare announced a partnership with Vivify Health that will deploy digital in-home health monitoring for their patients.

Vivify will be providing high-tech care kits to Alignment Healthcare patients. This partnership will bring a great number of benefits to these patients, as the high-tech care kits will allow Alignment Healthcare to keep a much closer eye on their patients.

Alignment Healthcare is a high-quality health provider. Their strong foundation of leadership allows them to provide top-notch service to their patients. Their leadership blends together business and medical knowledge to great effect, with members like Ken Kim as Chief Medical Officer and Robbert Vorhoff on their board of directors. The end result is excellent customer care.

Each Vivify kit contains a wireless-enabled Samsung tablet paired in advance with a Bluetooth-enabled peripheral such as a scale, blood pressure device, and pulse oximeter. Alignment deploys the Vivify kit directly to the patient during their visit to their local care center. Once at home, the patient enjoys an “instant-on” experience with the simple pushing of one button to retrieve and initiate their customized care plan from the cloud.

Data from these devices is combined with responses to daily assessments and transmitted from the tablet directly to Alignment Healthcare Command Center. This instantaneous data transmission makes proactive monitoring of each patient’s health incredibly easy. Some intervention solutions that can happen include video calling the folks at Alignment using the tablet, or talking with family members and things like that.

“We are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced, easy to use technology that will serve as an extension to the care we provide patients in our care centers,” said Ken Kim, MD and CMO at Alignment Healthcare. “It’s important we proactively monitor our patients and engage with them to ensure their health is being properly managed at home. If their clinical condition exacerbates, we’ll see the alerts and can take the appropriate measures to intervene as necessary. Vivify’s technology and unique approach to patient engagement definitely impressed us.”

What do you think of the partnership between Alignment Healthcare and Vivify? Would you be more likely to pay for their services after this partnership?


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