Why You Shouldn’t Disclose Your Last Salary to Potential Employers


During the hiring process, one of the things you are going to be asked about is your salary requirements. You may be asked what you desire to be paid or you may even be asked what you were paid at your last position. However, remember that you are under no obligation to answer these questions. In fact, you should not provide this information about your last position—here’s why.

If you provide information about your salary at your last place of work, you have just given up your negotiation power for determining your wage—or at least greatly hindered your negotiating power.

By doing so, you make it difficult to negotiate for a wage that is higher than the one you had in your last job. Why is this a problem? Because it encourages employers to provide compensation based on the last wage they were paid instead of providing compensation based on the skills and actual value you can add to the company.

Plus, if you are working for a hiring agency, that information might go farther than you might think. You could be giving up a lot of things just by giving that information out. Basically, salary negotiations are a game of information and strategy, and it makes it impossible to gain the upper hand if you show your entire hand.

What do you think about salary negotiations? Have you provided past salary information to employers?

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