How Does The Onion Make Money

The Onion is one of the funnies publications on the Internet, but it is fair to say that their popularity has skyrocketed with the spread of Web2.0.

In case you are unfamiliar with The Onion, they are a satirical news publication that creates hilarious content on a variety of topics. Some of their content is directly relevant to what is hot in the world of news at the present time, though they also create a lot of great evergreen content as well.

“We always try to evolve in line with that other publications are doing,” Cole Bolton, The Onion’s editor told Chris Heller of The Atlantic. “The way we want to present our information is how other news outlets are presenting their information. We have to adapt to what they’re doing.”

This is a reasonable strategy for a satirical publication like The Onion, as there is a certain amount of emulation that must occur when satirizing something. It especially makes sense because one of The Onion’s goals is to “call out bullshit” as Bolton would put it.

So how exactly does The Onion go about making money? One of the company’s main ways of making a profit comes from Onion Labs, a full-service advertising agency that operates in-house. Onion Labs hasn’t even been in existence for more than three years, but in this time they have grown and now are responsible for 81 percent of Onion Inc.’s total revenue—that is an incredible contribution in such a short amount of time

Have you ever read The Onion?

You can read more about The Onion and Onion Inc. in this article from The Atlantic.


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