Eight Steps to a Healthy Workplace

Healthy workplace

The success of your business largely depends on your employees. Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with those who work for you. Do you have what it takes to be a motivational employer?

  1. Value

Valuing your employees is essential to your company’s success. It is important to value the work, but also take time to value individuals. Call out people’s strengths, and when needed, offer advice and guidance.

  1. Balance

Never overlook work-life balance. Your employees will maintain their ability to do their best and generate results if they are not overworked and burnt out. Be understanding about time off and flexible about schedules.

  1. Listen

Your employees listen to you, make sure to make time to check in with them and embrace their feedback.

  1. Gratitude

Appreciate your employees. Always remember that please and thank you go a long way. Acknowledging someone’s hard work is a great incentive for employees to continuing producing quality work product.

  1. Support

Stand up for your employees. Accept that sometimes mistakes are made, and when necessary, share responsibility when something does not go as planned. Support from an employer helps to cultivate loyal relationships with employees.

  1. Environment

Be conscious of the space where your employees work. When possible, create workspace that is inspiring. Spacious environments with natural light have proven to make productive work environments.

  1. Goals

Set goals and be clear about priorities. Employees want to succeed, and as an employer you should do everything you can to enable them. Being transparent about strategies and deadlines will help work get done efficiently and employees understand expectations.

  1. Reward

When employees do great work, make sure to give them something in return. There are numerous ways to reward employees including meals, time off, or bonuses. However you choose to reward, it will show your employees that their work is appreciated.


About DevonJ140
I am currently an Accounting Director living in New York City. I love reading and learning more about business, finance, tech, and current events.

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