A Home Away from Home

Ecocapsule from Ecocapsule on Vimeo.

Billed as “the first truly independent micro-home,” the Ecocapsule is the brainchild of Slovakian company Nice Architects. Measuring a mere 14’ x 7’ x 7’ and able to be hitched up and carted around by car, this itty-bitty household’s big selling point is sustainability. The little camper’s battery boasts over 9700 Wh, used to power a kitchenette (complete with stovetop range), heat water for the tap and shower, and even charge an electrical vehicle (thereby offering extra incentive to invest further in green technologies). Electricity is regularly replenished by a 600 W solar panel array across the top and a 750 W built-in wind turbine on a retractable pole. Nice Architects claim that the egg-like shape is designed to be energy efficient, conserving battery output. The shape is also supposed to assist in the collection of rainwater and dew, which is then purified with onboard filters for safe, clean use through the sink and shower. The bathroom includes a full toilet, stated as flushing on the Ecocapsule site but described as composting in Gizmag’s coverage of the product. Many details are yet to be laid out in their entirety, but each toilet version would carry unique challenges: a flushing toilet would rely on the structure’s limited water supply and would need a decent way of disposing of sewage afterward (especially given the “truly independent” claim), whereas a composting toilet might consume battery power and require a secondary absorbing compound.

The first public display of the Ecocapsule is scheduled for May of 2015 at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, with the first deliveries taking place in early 2016. The price has yet to be established, though shipping to New York will cost the better part of $2,500. Despite the hefty delivery price, Nice Architects claim that it could have been a lot worse: the Ecocapsule’s small size allows it to fit in a standard shipping container, thereby avoiding the costs of less traditional shipping methods.


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