SnapAV Introduces Wirepath ONE

Charlotte, NC-based SnapAV is one of the leading vendors in the world of custom installation. Featuring innovative leadership that includes founder and chairman Jay Faison, CEO Craig Craze, and director Anton Levy, SnapAV is comprised of a group of “unique individuals with vastly different experiences and skill sets,” explains the company. Together, these innovative minds have helped to develop a company that is dynamic, professional, and highly successful in its industry.

The range of products that SnapAV provides is massive, and includes everything from surveillance devices to projection screens, and everything in between. It was recently announced that SnapAV is currently developing its latest product: a product called Wirepath Organized Network Equipment, or simply, Wirepath ONE.

Wirepath ONE is essentially a central hub for all of a home’s electronic devices to connect to, making it easier to stay connected in a clean, simplified way. The product was designed with connected homes and homeowners in mind, and was “specifically engineered for today’s network-centric media systems.” According to SnapAV, “Wirepath ONE media enclosures and doors make it easy to consolidate, organize and transform embarrassing systems into showpieces that are more reliable and easier to maintain and upgrade,” of how this new product will allow for easier management of a home or office’s devices.

Explains Lisa Pienta, a manager of SnapAV’s new Wirepath ONE division, “Wirepath ONE is designed around a connected home – making people’s lives simpler,” of the intention behind the product. “Today’s homes are moving toward a central hub of technology,” she continues, “This started years ago with the punchdowns of landlines, cable and satellite boxes, and but now people are also using routers, sound systems or streaming devices like Apple TV.”

As more and more people increase the amount of technology they use at home on a day-to-day basis, products like Wirepath ONE will help to create centralized tech hubs that are easy to adjust and manage. Learn more about this new product and how SnapAV continues to anticipate the needs of its customers in this article from CE Pro.


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