Your Pets Can Eat Organic Too

Organic pet food

We already know that pets are people’s children, and with that relationship comes a lot of primping, pampering and spoiling. Pet owners have no shame spending money, whether it be on the basics (leashes, bedding, toys) or the frivolous (shoes, clothing and even day spas). One company is catering to type of pet owner who falls in the latter category, focusing on pets that have a more refined and particular palate when it comes to the food they eat.

The Honest Kitchen is a San Diego-based pet food shop that sells products made from 100 percent human grade ingredients. The food (for cats and dogs) is dehydrated (just add water) and processed in the same processing plant that makes healthy foods for people. They focus on the importance of diet, and how healthy, natural foods are best for a pet’s digestive system.

Lucy Postins founded The Honest Kitchen in her own home 13 years ago when she started making meals for her dog Mosi, who suffered from numerous infections and skin problems. She believed his diet played a role in his ailments, and his health improved drastically once he started eating Postins’ food. From then on she wanted to help other pet owners take control of their fur babies’ health.

But Postins isn’t expecting the typical pet owner to consider her business as their go-to food option. The Honest Kitchen is more Whole Foods than it is Walmart, and it caters to people who wouldn’t be caught dead serving processed, nonorganic food to their families, let alone their dogs or cats. With food prices going all the way up to $120 (that’s for a 10 pound bag of whole grain duck dog food), it’s certainly not for the everyday buyer.

Yet with $21 million in annual revenue, The Honest Kitchen is making its mark in the pet food industry, and seems to be growing exponentially. Food can be purchased both online and in specialty pet stores around the country.


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