Inside Out Finally Surpasses Jurassic World in Box Office

Inside Out, the new Pixar original film, has finally surpassed rival Jurassic World in the box office over the 4th of July weekend. Over the weekend, Inside Out brought in $29.8 million, slightly edging out Jurassic World, which pulled in $29.2 million.

Inside Out has been wildly successful in its time at the box office. It has been a darling of both audiences and critics alike, a sure sign that a film has done well. The film opened with a bang, grabbing $91 million during its opening weekend. This makes Inside Out the highest grossing original film of all time, crushing the next highest movie Avatar, which only brought in $77 million.

However, given the movie’s initial bang and sustained success, it hasn’t gained as much positive press as its rival Jurassic World. Can we chalk that up to Chris Pratt being dreamy, the widely known popularity of the Jurassic Park franchise, or something different? The answer might be all of the above.

At, Brent Lang offers his own suggestion—the hype of being the #1 movie in America. You’ll hear this phrase several times throughout the year in the world of entertainment. The coveted #1 movie in America is often droned on about ad nauseam, often ignoring other movies that fall short of the #1 mark. Lang argues that this was the absurd case with Inside Out.

However, now that Inside Out is #1, perhaps it will finally receive an amount of press that is proportional to how groundbreaking, emotional, and inspirational it really is.


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