Things CEOs Wish They Knew When They Started


Don’t you wish that you could give your past-self advice? Many of today’s most successful CEOs certainly wish they could, but they will have settle with passing on their knowledge to future generations. Luckily for us, Forbes’ Christine Crandell recently asked some seasoned entrepreneurs and businesspeople what advice they wish they had been given earlier in their careers.

Crandell spoke with four CEOs: Sandra Kurtzig of Kenandy, Keith Krach of DocuSign, Andres Reiner of PROS, and Sid Banerjee of Clarabridge. In short, here’s what their main pieces of advice boiled down to:

  • Be customer obsessed
    • “We measure our success by our customers’ success.”—Krach
  • Know that your business’s success is very dependent on people
    • “[Millennials] have high expectations of how software should perform. They bring a consumer mindset to enterprise applications. While seasoned employees bring deep experience and adult supervision, you need both.”—Kurtzig
  • Diversify
    • “Diversity creates strong organizations where people naturally help each other…That, along with growing people from within by moving them across departments and roles, builds deep connections and empathy.”—Reiner
  • Keep your work and your life balanced
    • “Keep the vision in front of everyone, don’t’ take yourself too seriously and keep a healthy work/life balance.”—Krach
  • Don’t watch your competitors, watch trends
    • “Take risks. In today’s market, proven methods are not always the best methods…If an emerging trend looks stronger and is better than what you’re working with, embrace it.”—Kurtzig

Here is some additional advice from successful CEOs and entrepreneurs:

  • Learn to manage your credit cards and stay on top of your payments.
  • Skills are worth more than a job. It doesn’t matter if you have a long resume if you don’t have the skills to back it up.
  • You need a plan for your money and to learn how to manage your money.
  • Do something you love instead of simply chasing money.
  • Money doesn’t make you happy.

Looking for even more advice? Click here for further reading.


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