Competing Blogging Platforms Raise Millions with help from Tech-Savvy Investors


Squarespace is a friendly digital publishing service providing users with the tools needed to share their unique—and possibly valuable—content on the Internet.

Squarespace is a flexible tool— much like its major competitor and industry stalwart, WordPress. If you know how to write code both content management systems (CMS) include features that allow you to build a website as well as a blog. Users often choose Squarespace over its competitors because the interface allows them to easily embed videos and other third-party content for $8 per month.

Squarespace appeared on the Forbes Most Promising Companies list in 2013 and continues to grow, having recently launched a recruiting drive to hire new engineers. The launch of Squarespace 6 continues to attract users and investors.

The company announced in April that their total outside funding reached $78 million. Anton Levy, CEO of General Atlantic, brought $40 million to that fund. Levy has long included Internet technology as part of his investment strategy and, in a show of confidence, currently serves on the Squarespace Board of Directors.

Despite Squarespace’s popularity, the industry leader in the growing CMS industry is WordPress, owned by Automattic, and launched in 2003. WordPress offers a stable platform for publishing and accessible user interface.

WordPress raised $160 million in venture capital this year, bringing their total funding to $205.7 million, with a valuation of $1.2 billion. The company is reluctant to share statistics. In 2013 it claimed to to run about 19 percent of all websites. Industry sources report their share has climbed to 23 percent in 2014.

WordPress and Squarespace are leaders in a highly competitive field. YouTube has been a leader in turning unknown hobbyists in Internet celebrities with millions of followers, national sponsors, and the potential to crossover into traditional media like television. YouTube sensation, Dinsneycollectorbr, is an anonymous star with impressive statistics, earning $4.9 million a year unboxing children’s toys. The videos are popular with children and have recorded over 237 million views.

Everyone dreams of turning their passions into profits and following the success pattern of Internet millionaires. The problem is getting their ideas, passions, and antique thimble collections published and accessible on the Internet. Squarespace, WordPress, and their competitors are betting that there is no limit to the human desire to share, discover, and engage.


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