Ikea Offering Repair Kits for Recalled Dressers


Swedish furniture giant Ikea is offering a repair program with free wall anchoring kits for their MALM drawer chests, due to the unfortunate deaths of two small children who were smothered by falling dressers. Ikea is recalling the 27 million MALM dressers sold, but they don’t want owners to send them back – they want them to use the kits and anchor them to the walls.

A spokesperson for Ikea says the dressers themselves aren’t faulty – it’s that most users overfill the drawers without mounting them, and then the dressers end up falling forward due to too much weight. In the case of the two deaths, neither chest was secured to the wall. To ensure nothing this tragic occurs again, the company is offering these repair kits for free to anyone who purchases or currently owns the MALM chests, Ikea children’s chests and dressers higher than 23 inches, and adult Ikea chests and dressers higher than 29 inches. The kit includes wall anchoring hardware and restraints, along with instructions and warning labels that can be affixed to the furniture.

While all of Ikea’s products already come with warning labels and anchoring sets, most purchasers seem to ignore and discard both. Due to this week’s news about these two deaths (which both occurred in 2014), you can expect buyers (especially parents) to make good use of the anchoring supplies. Ikea is hoping that this will be a wakeup call to the dangers of not properly assembling furniture, nor taking excessive weight in drawers seriously. While this has caused fatal injuries to small children, it doesn’t mean adults can’t get hurt either. Everyone needs to put their safety first, and Ikea is doing what they can to get that message ingrained into everyone’s minds.

To receive a free wall anchoring kit, go to www.ikeausa.com/saferhomestogether or call (888) 966-4532. You can also pick up a kit at any Ikea retail store across the country.


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